From the moment they are born, babies count on their parents and other caregivers to keep them safe. Yet a healthy baby suffocates while sleeping unsafely every month in Pinellas County. It only takes one time for a baby to sleep in an unsafe place or position to be deadly. Babies need to be protected from suffocation when they are laid down to sleep – every night, every nap, and every time.

That’s why the Juvenile Welfare Board and a group of concerned child safety champions launched the Sleep Baby Safely campaign. It is part of a larger Prevent Needless Deaths regional campaign that addresses the leading causes of death for children under age six.

Sleep Baby Safely features local facts, direct messages, and easy-to-remember tips for parents, caregivers, and everyone caring for babies. Our goal is to engage all touch points, from prenatal through baby’s first birthday, and to make safe sleep as widely accepted and practiced as car seats for infants.

We invite you to join our efforts to promote safe sleep and protect babies from suffocation. Together, let’s give every baby the opportunity to celebrate his or her first birthday!

Need a safe place for your baby to sleep?

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